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Partial Discharge Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of PD activity uses the same sensor technologies as Partial Discharge measurement, but is employed to record:

  • Changes in Partial Discharge activity over time
  • Changes in Partial Discharge activity in relation to environmental variables, including temperature, humidity and vibration
Transportable Partial Discharge monitoring systems are typically used to record and analyze changes in PD activity over a set period. They include multiple sensors which can be sited on a variety of assets and are networked to a central server unit, with data storage facilities and remote access capabilities so that data can be retrieved for analysis online. Monitoring of this type is often used to provide a detailed picture of the health of assets which have a history of problems and/or where ongoing reliability is a critical issue.

PD Monitoring image 1PD Monitoring actual image

'Third generation'Partial Discharge monitoring systems can track and record Partial Discharge activity levels in hundreds of assets simultaneously

Permanent Partial Discharge monitoring systems are typically fitted to mission critical assets, to ensure that faults are identified before they lead to failures and maximize reliability.